New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Campaign

The New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Campaign is a growing statewide effort of countless advocates and organizations dedicated to comprehensively addressing and eliminating hepatitis C.  

Who Are We?


We are Policy-Makers, Movers, and Shakers

We are Healthcare Providers and Social Service Drivers

We are Harm Reductionists and Advocacy Specialists

We are People Living With Hep C, Unapologetically

 We are New Yorkers Dedicated to Eliminating Hepatitis C



Upcoming Events

There will be a series of HCV Listening Sessions across the state to discuss achieving elimination. Find a listening session near you!

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You and your organization can become a contributor to the HCV elimination movement.

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Our Issue

Despite the availability of effective, all-oral treatments to cure hepatitis C (HCV), and despite the public health and harm reduction tools available to prevent new infections, HCV now kills more people in this country than any other infectious disease; this includes the combined deaths of  HIV, pneumococcal disease, tuberculosis, and 57 other infectious diseases. 


Our Call To Action

New York State (NYS) faces a growing hepatitis C epidemic with a rising death toll. Given the availability of new highly effective, well-tolerated curative treatments, we can no longer settle for a low cure rate that perpetuates the high fiscal and human costs of inaction. The committee that organized the NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Summit, along with the other providers, community based organizations and individuals living with and affected by hepatitis C that sign the consensus statement, call on Governor Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Legislature, and industry partners to make a joint commitment to hepatitis C elimination, and for appointment of a formal NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force.